Argentina: Buenos Aires Tango & Dance Festival

A tango festival and world dance competition is now underway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you’ll not only find some of the best tango dancers around, but some of the … Mehr»

Germany: Roman Bronze Horse Head Discovered

There’s a reason these photographers are so interested in this bronze horse’s head. It’s 2000 years old and was found in western Germany. Archaeologists say this relic is one of... Mehr»

Shen Yun Draws Audience Member Back

Gina Sacripanti is the director of business development and marketing for the Washington Examiner. She saw Shen Yun during the sellout shows in Washington, D.C. this past February. [Gina Sacripanti,... Mehr»

Burmese Residents Pour into China

Thousands of people from Kokang in Burma’s Shan State have crossed the border this month after clashes there. A U.S.-based rights group says the exodus followed the deployment of troops … Mehr»

Chinese Regime Blacklists 247 Dissidents

Zan Aizong is a well-known Chinese blogger who’s sometimes critical of the Communist Party. In 2006, he was arrested and fired from his job as the Zhejiang bureau chief of … Mehr»

Chinese Artist Disappears into His Surroundings

Now you see him, soon you won’t. Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin is known locally as ‚the invisible man‘, because of his habit of painting himself into his surroundings. Liu... Mehr»

India: Unusual Punishment for Hooch Drinkers

In India’s Gujarat, prohibition has not curbed the selling and consumption of illicit alcohol. Following last month’s tragedy which claimed over 120 lives in a village in Gujarat, the state... Mehr»

Asia Brief Broadcast, Friday, August 28, 2009

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China: Die Blei-Kinder von Shaanxi – US-Grenzwert x 20

In China sind Kinder sehr kostbar… [Frau Zhang, Mutter eines Opfers]:„Wegen der Ein-Kind Politik haben wir ja alle nur ein Kind. Die Leute geben alles was sie haben, um ihr … Mehr»

USA: Ballerinas nehmen an Master Class für klassischen chinesischen Tanz teil

Vergangene Woche hatten einige Ballet-Tänzerinnen aus Alabama ihre erste Lektion in Chinesischem Klassisschen Tanz. Tia Zhang, Ensemble-Managerin der New York Shen Yun Performing Arts lud kürzlich... Mehr»

Split Families from North and South Korea to Unite

North and South Korea reached a deal to resume family reunions. About a hundred families that were torn apart by the Korean War will get together at a resort in … Mehr»

Market Report – Baosteel Buys Aquila

  In today’s market report… all eyes were again on China. The country’s biggest steelmaker, Baosteel, announced plans to take over a 15 percent stake in Australian iron ore explorer... Mehr»

Market Report – iPhone Coming to China

In today’s market report… China Unicom, the country’s second-biggest wireless carrier, will reportedly announce a deal to sell Apple’s iPhone in China. That will give Apple access to... Mehr»

World News Broadcast, Friday, August 28, 2009

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Market Report – Air China Triples Earnings

And in today’s market report we bring you news about Air China. The Mainland-based airline’s earnings jumped by more than 150 percent in the first half of the year. China’s … Mehr»

Northern Ireland/U.S.: Ted Kennedy Praised for his Peace Efforts in Northern Ireland

And as many renowned people worldwide are reacting to Edward Kennedy’s death, Northern Ireland’s Deputy-First Minister praises the peacemaking efforts of the late U.S. Senator. Deputy-First... Mehr»

China: Former Top Judge Expelled from the CCP

And making headlines in China… the country’s former Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court has been expelled from the Chinese Communist Party after corruption investigations.... Mehr»

Family of Exiled Uighur Leader Faces Eviction

Family members of Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer still living in the Chinese city of Urumqi are facing eviction. According to the Uighur American Association, Kadeer’s family reported that government... Mehr»

World News Broadcast, Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Asia Brief Broadcast, Thursday, August 27, 2009

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