20th Anniversary, Leipzig Peaceful Revolution

October the 9th marks 20 years since the Leipzig peaceful revolution. Every Monday, thousands of people gathered in the city to express their discontent about life in East Germany. Citizens … Mehr»

Chinese Rights Acitivist Hu Jia Nominated for Nobel Prize

Chinese human rights activist Hu Jia has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the second year in a row. An outspoken activist on AIDS and environmental issues, Hu … Mehr»

World News Broadcast, Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Philippines: Storm Season Relentless

Filipinos are dealing with floods brought on by Tropical Storm Parma as best as they can. The storm is now slowly heading toward the country’s tobacco-producing region, after killing at … Mehr»

China: Report Says Forced Relocations a Growing Problem

In China, a report has been published about the violent forced relocation of residents and the demolition of their homes. The report, prepared by a web-based rights group, says the … Mehr»

Malaysia: Bombings Rock Southern Thai Tourist Destination

Suspected insurgents on a motorcycle fired bullets and threw a homemade bomb at a group of people in a packed restaurant. Less than two hours later, a bomb hidden in … Mehr»

Market Report – Dollar Skids on Oil

In today’s market report… Britain’s The Independent newspaper reported that Gulf States are in secret talks with Russia, China, Japan and France… to replace the dollar with a basket of... Mehr»

Shen Yun to Premiere in Hong Kong in 2010

The highly acclaimed Chinese classical dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts will be performing in Hong Kong for the very first time in 2010. The news was announced at a … Mehr»

Jet Company CEO: Shen Yun Embodies Fundamental Human Values

Audience members at Shen Yun in Geneva were delighted by Shen Yun’s presentation of traditional Chinese culture, and the sheer beauty and purity of Chinese classical dance. [Georges Povaray,... Mehr»

Chinese Premier Visits North Korea

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is on a three-day state visit to North Korea to discuss—among other things—the strengthening of economic ties between the two countries. Mr. Wen’s entourage includes... Mehr»

World News Broadcast, Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Chinesische Behörden verfolgen Kinder vom Opfer

Am 28. Januar diesen Jahres verstarb der 66-jährige Jiang Xijing aus Chongqing in Zentralchina. Er war zuvor in ein sogenanntes Lager zur „Umerziehung durch Arbeit“ geschickt worden, weil er... Mehr»

Shanxi Behörden belästigen Kirchenmitglieder nach der Fabrikzerstörung

Am 13. September zerstörten Behörden in der Stadt Linfeng / China eine Schuhfabrik, die sich noch im Bau befand. Die Fabrik wurde von Mitgliedern der Shanxi Linfeng Fushan Kirche erbaut,in … Mehr»

Market Report – U.S. Jobs Spook Asia

In today’s market report… Asian financial markets steadied near three-week lows, after weaker-than-expected U.S. jobs data spooked investors about the pace of global economic recovery. The U.S.... Mehr»

„When Evil Is Hidden, It Flourishes“

They came from different cities. They have different jobs, different backgrounds, different ethnicities. But they all share one thing in common: They are practitioners of Falun Gong, a Chinese... Mehr»

China: 16 Heilongjiang Schools Closed Due to H1N1

An outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus has caused 16 schools to close in the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang. Health authorities there say with the arrival of fall and … Mehr»

NTDTV’s Satellite Signal Into China Blocked

Our NTDTV satellite broadcast over Asia experienced severe signal blockage over the past few weeks. It’s our ST1 satellite—the last remaining NTDTV satellite signal that broadcasts into Taiwan and... Mehr»

World News Broadcast, Monday, October 5, 2009

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Asia Brief Broadcast, Monday, October 5, 2009

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Drohung gegen chinesischen Professor wegen Aufruf zur Absage der Parade am 1. Oktober

Am 10. September veröffentlichte Professor Sun Wenguang einen an den chinesischen Führer Hu Jintao adressierten offenen Brief. Darin rief er Hu auf, die Parade am 1. Oktober zur Verherrlichung der... Mehr»