Amnesty International Condemns French Burqa Ban

Epoch Times15. Juli 2010 Aktualisiert: 15. Juli 2010 22:11

A vote by French lawmakers on Tuesday overwhelmingly in favor of banning the full face veil has been met with condemnation by Amnesty International.

The human rights group said the so called burqa ban violates womens‘ rights.

[John Dalhuisen, AI Expert on Discrimination in Europe]:
„Amnesty regrets obviously that this law has been passed, and even more so that is has been passed with such an overwhelming majority of votes in the French lower chamber, because we believe that this is a law that will violate the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of religion of Muslim women who freely choose to wear full face veils.“

Muslim women could be fined 150 euros for wearing face covering veils in public under the new bill.

France is home to the largest Muslim minority in Western Europe, with about 5 million Muslims, but it is thought only around 2,000 women in France wear the full length veil.

Amnesty is concerned the new bill could adversely affect women who are compelled to cover themselves.

[John Dalhuisen, AI Expert on Discrimination in Europe]:     
„I think there is definitely a risk that some of those who are currently being forced to wear veils won’t necessarily see their situation improve. They are likely to be restricted more to the home, their will see access to services, goods and perhaps even the assistance that they might want to reach out to taken away from them.“

Before it is passed into law the legislation has to be vetted by the Constitutional Court, and approved by the Senate in September.

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