Chinese Authorities Remove Activist from Internet

Epoch Times14. August 2009 Aktualisiert: 14. August 2009 20:25

Now turning to the human rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong who has been detained by Chinese authorities for alleged tax offences. It appears that now the Communist regime is attempting to erase him from public discussion.

Xu’s blog on Hong Kong-based has been deleted.

And a search on the Chinese version of Google using the simplified Chinese characters for Xu’s name shows only this message.

On July 17, authorities shut down the office of Gongmeng, a.k.a. the Open Constitution Initiative—a legal support center that Xu co-founded. And now they’ve shut down Gongmeng’s website, too—this page is all that’s left.

In addition, a blog forum discussing Gongmeng has been closed since Tuesday.

Many netizens are angry about authorities’ attempts to stop discussions about Xu. One 17-year-old Hong Kong student posted this open letter on Facebook to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao—she’s asking him why the regime is treating Xu so cruelly.

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