Snow Cancels Flights in Europe

Epoch Times22. Dezember 2010 Aktualisiert: 22. Dezember 2010 1:43

Snowy winter weather across Europe continues to put a dampener on the busiest travel time of the year.

Thousands stranded in airports in London, Paris and Frankfurt spent another uncomfortable night on the floor as ground crews scrambled to de-ice planes and clear snowy runways.

But despite their round the clock efforts, hundreds of flights remained grounded on Monday, leaving passengers stuck between destinations.

For travelers in Heathrow, tempers have begun to fray with Christmas Day fast approaching.

[Stranded Traveler, Heathrow]:

„Everyone’s starting to panic, it’s getting chaotic inside. Just not helping any of us, just panic everywhere.“

[Australian Traveler, Heathrow]:

„I’m getting sick of it but all I’m thinking about is getting home for Christmas, see the parents you know. It’s been a long year.“

And things could get worse, with another 20 centimeters of snow forecast.

However, there may be a silver lining for passengers waylaid in Charles de Gaulle airport.

On Monday, officials said the airport might be opening its runways again after cancelling 30 percent of the airport’s flights.

But it’s not looking so good for people sleeping in Frankfurt’s airport.

Around 500 slept on cots on Sunday night.

With more snow predicted, the sight of passengers asleep on terminal floors might be the norm in Europe’s airports for some days yet.

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