Social Media Can Affect Today’s Job Hunters

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What you write on Facebook, Twitter or social blogs may jeopardize the job you apply for.

Many of today’s companies and headhunters use social media to see if you are the most qualified person for the job.

Recruiters in Sweden often use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to find candidates and also to check up on their qualifications.

[Ulrika Andersson, Recruiter]:
„We also check if they have an open profile on Facebook and if they don’t, there is always someone who knows someone that is connected to you in some way. So there is usually a way to find out if you have maybe written something inappropriate, or have pictures that are not appropriate.“

Strong language and extreme views are examples that could indicate your potential job might be jeopardized.

[Ulrika Andersson, Recruiter]:
“One time we discovered a person that had written something inappropriate about a minority group and we think that said something about that person’s judgment and value and morals, that led to, that this person did not proceed in the recruitment process.”

So do jobseekers worry that possible employers check their activity on the Internet?

[Unknown Speaker]:
„Actually I do, not directly if someone, a recruiter, is looking for information about me, but in general. I try not to put that much information.“

[Unknown Speaker]:
“No, not if any job would check, but more if mom would go in and check, not otherwise, I don´t think about it that much.“

NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden

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