World Cup Defeat To Spain Causes Riots In One German Town

Epoch Times9. Juli 2010 Aktualisiert: 9. Juli 2010 9:45

Fire and chaos in the streets of Germany after the country’s World Cup team was knocked out of the tournament’s semi-finals.

Around 200 rioters clashed with police in the eastern town of Magdeburg following the match where Spain triumphed one-nil.

The rioters took to the streets early morning throwing bottles at police officers and setting several objects on fire.

Police said they took four people into custody.

Elsewhere around Germany the mood was much lighter, if still disheartened.

In Frankfurt some bank traders took a few good-natured jabs at Spain’s troubled economy verses its stellar soccer team.

„Spain is obviously better at playing soccer than looking after its economy, that’s why they will be world champions and need to see that they get their debts under control.“

Spain’s victory marks the first time the team has made it to the World Cup final.

And the mood there was unsurpisingly more upbeat than in Germany, as Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero revelled in the win Thursday.

[Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister]:   
„I’m in a very good mood because the Spanish team had an excellent result and played a great game.  Today is a great day and I hope Sunday will also be one.  I will remain in a good mood.“

With his busy schedule, Zapatero still isn’t sure if he’ll make it to the final match to cheer in person.

But the Spanish squad will certainly be there – facing off against The Netherlands on Sunday for the chance to be crowned World Cup champions.

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