Controversial Nuclear Waste Journey Ends in Germany

Epoch Times10. November 2010 Aktualisiert: 10. November 2010 13:23

Trucks carrying nuclear waste arrive at a controversial northern Germany storage facility Tuesday morning — the culmination of a journey strongly opposed by anti-nuke activists.

Under police escort for the 20 kilometer last leg of the trip, these trucks carried the containers from a transport station where the waste had previously been delivered from France by train.

Anti-nuclear activists had earlier blocked the route to the storage site — setting up camp in the middle of the road.

Some campaigners lit campfires to keep warm, while others suspended themselves from telephone poles.

Organizers say over 2,400 protesters were present until the blockade was broken up by police.

Activists who have been opposing the storage plant for three decades have been galvanized this year by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to extend the lifespan of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants — despite overwhelming public opposition.

The waste originated in Germany and was reprocessed in France before returning to Germany for final storage.


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