Eurovision Contestants Tune Up in Kyiv’s Main Square

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Eurovision contestants are arriving in Kyiv to perform and hopefully win the annual contest. They come from all across Europe. But here in Kyiv’s main square some contestants are giving a farewell performance.

The Ukraine contestant promises to put on a special show with the song “Angels”.

[Mika Newton, Ukraine Contestant, Eurovision]:
„We will have an interesting and unusual performance, something that’s never been seen at Eurovision. There are four of us, myself, a background vocalist, a well-known balancer, and a secret surprise.”

Frenchman Amaury Vassili sings his song “Dream” in the Corsican language, an Italian dialect.

At 21, he is one of the youngest professional tenors in the world.

[Amaury Vassili, French Contestant, Eurovision]:
„My song describes the love of a man for a woman. The woman leaves the guy who is left thinking of her all the time. He’s always looking at a picture of the girl – his lost love.“

The Austrian contestant also sings a song of love. But she really wanted to perform in the a cappella style.

[Nadine Beiler, Austrian Contestant, Eurovision]:
„They said a cappella is not allowed. So my song is about love, and opening our eyes to the good things in life, to think in a positive way, trust in life and to be thoughtful to each other.“

Duet Ell & Nikki from Azerbaijan and group Zdob si Zdub from Moldova are representing their countries.

The terms of the Eurovision contest mean that you can’t vote for your own country.

Here’s who the local Ukrainians might be voting for.

„For the French – a great guy, and sings well.“

„His voice is nice, I like it.“

„Azerbaijan and France.“

„For the Frenchman, so far, so far, of those that we saw. We liked his voice, manner of execution, and his song.“

This year 41 countries will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Telephone and text votes will be deciding the winner on May 14th.

NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Foto: NTD
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