France: Millions Demonstrate Against Planned Retirement Age Rise

Epoch Times9. September 2010 Aktualisiert: 9. September 2010 22:06

The French government plans to hike the age of retirement.

Demonstrators filled the streets in protest yesterday, and union members marched in defiance of the plan.

Speaking on France Info radio on Wednesday, a top union leader said it’s simple: people don’t want to work more.

[Jean-Claude Mailly, Force Ouvriere Union Leader]:             
„What were people saying yesterday in the demonstrations? They just don’t want to work longer. There’s this feeling of injustice that has developed.”

He went on to say that protests are likely to continue until something changes.

[Jean-Claude Mailly, Force Ouvriere Union Leader]:           
„Listen, I don’t know how we can avoid another day of action. Yesterday worked very well.“

French President Nicolas Sarkozy responded with a statement Wednesday in which he indicated that the government has no intention of backing down.

In the written statement, Sarkozy said „There is no question of going back on this“, but added that he would ask ministers to prepare amendments to better cater to people who started working very young or in extremely arduous jobs.

Despite millions taking to the streets in France, commentators say the government is unlikely to alter its plans to increase the retirement age.

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