Germany: Greenpeace Stages Oil Drill Protest

Epoch Times22. Juli 2010 Aktualisiert: 22. Juli 2010 23:18

The Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill highlighted in Germany.

Greenpeace activists covered in brown paint representing oil demonstrated outside German’s economy ministry, protesting against deep sea oil drilling.

The protesters set up a drilling platform symbolizing the spill, which poured fake oil onto the streets outside the ministry.

The environmentalists were demanding that Germany support a ban in the North East Atlantic.

[Juergen Knirsch, Greenpeace Activist and Oil Expert]:

„Germany is a member of an international convention to protect the seas and the North East Atlantic. They meet in September in Germany and must demand a ban there with the goal to stop deep sea drilling in the North East Atlantic.“

The BP oil spill, described as the worst in U.S. history, has caused an economic and environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico since an explosion on an offshore oil rig on April 20.

The European Union’s energy chief recently suggested that the bloc could consider limiting the depth of deepwater drilling as part of tougher new rules on oil exploration.

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