NTDTV’s Satellite Signal Into China Blocked

Epoch Times5. Oktober 2009 Aktualisiert: 5. Oktober 2009 22:36

Our NTDTV satellite broadcast over Asia experienced severe signal blockage over the past few weeks.

It’s our ST1 satellite—the last remaining NTDTV satellite signal that broadcasts into Taiwan and China after our Eutelsat broadcast was cut off in 2008.

The ST1 signal began experiencing sporadic blockage on September 17, which increased to several hours a day—primarily during our primetime Chinese language news and commentary shows. On October 1st, the highly politicized anniversary of China’s communist revolution, the signal was blocked for the entire day, though it seems to have been restored as of today, October 2nd.

The cause of the blockage is still unknown, but a representative from Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom Co. says the Chinese Communist Party may have been involved.

The Taiwanese government has made a special inquiry and is investigating the issue.

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