Russian Designer Revives Hat Fashion

Epoch Times1. Juli 2009 Aktualisiert: 1. Juli 2009 0:45

Wearing hats is going out of style nowadays, but head accessories designer Yelena Klestova is breathing new life into the realm of headgear.

She has even patented a new type of hat which she calls the “Transformer” hat.

The Transformer has eight versions.

The edges can be raised, lowered, removed – turning the hat into a cap; it can also be enhanced with colorful cloth.

[Yelena Klestova, Accessories Designer]:
“I treat the head like a game, which takes care of some of my needs. The hat, like any other form of art, is an intellectual game. That is why I try to make each hat intellectual – that’s where the name transformer hat comes from.”

Klestova has taken part in the rebirth of hat fashion for the past 10 years.

She believes that not every woman today will find the courage within herself to wear this head gear.

[Yekaterina Beletskaya, Hat Lover]:
“Not every woman is able to wear a fashion hat, not just a hat, but a fashion hat. In Yelena’s store, you can try on and pick out a hat, to meet your individual taste.”

[Natalia Zayats, Customer]:
“I really like the originality. I didn’t expect this, when I bought the hat, I thought I would just try it on. But now I want more and more of them.”

Even men take notice of a woman with a hat.

[Dimitry Sergeev, Hat Appraiser]:
“A hat is a headgear which makes a woman more beautiful, more elegant. The most important thing is knowing where to stop and having an individual sense of style.”

The future, says Yelena, belongs to the designer hat. 

A hat must be unique in its class and add originality to a woman’s appearance.

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