Smoking Killing Millions in China

Epoch Times9. Dezember 2009 Aktualisiert: 9. Dezember 2009 1:29

Smoking-related diseases are killing about a million people a year in China. And according to a study by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, that number is likely to double in the next ten years.

Even so, it is probably not an easy task to get 300 million smokers in China, who consume about a third of the world’s cigarettes, to kick the habit.

One solution could be raising the price of tobacco, as suggested at a conference hosted by the union in Cancun, Mexico last Friday (December 4).

But that’s probably tricky to implement in a country where the tobacco industry is owned and operated by the ruling regime. More than seven percent of the Chinese Communist regime’s yearly revenue comes from tobacco tax and profits.

Smoking can cause deadly diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, heart attacks and strokes.

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