Ukraine: Orange Revolution Anniversary

November 22 marks the day when a series of protests started in Ukraine.

The protests were prompted by reports that the results of a run-off vote from 2004 were rigged by authorities. The vote was between leading candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovich, but was rigged in favour of Yanukovich.

The Ukrainian capital Kiev became the focal point of the movement with thousands of protesters demonstrating daily. Orange was the colour of the opposition flags and soon became the symbol of the nationwide protests.

The protests succeeded when the results of the original run-off were annulled, and a revote was ordered by the Ukraine Supreme Court. The final results showed a clear victory for Yushchenko.

He was declared the official winner and with his inauguration the Orange Revolution ended.

[Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine President]:
„People were standing on Kiev’s central square, not only for Yushchenko. I am grateful for every voice pronouncing my name.  Ukrainian people were standing for their own dream.“

In less than two months Ukraine is facing another presidential poll.

Yuschenko faces off against current prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko. In a strange twist of fate, he’ll also face Viktor Yanukovich: the Russian-backed loser in the Orange Revolution.