U.S. Ambassador Shocked Over Shooting

Epoch Times5. März 2011 Aktualisiert: 5. März 2011 22:18

The U.S. ambassador to Germany says Wednesday’s shooting of two American soldiers at the Frankfurt airport was an appalling tragedy.

[Philip Murphy, U.S. Ambassador to Germany]:          
„It was a shock, an absolute and unspeakable tragedy. Innocent men and women who were serving their country being attacked senselessly, two deaths, two serious injuries, horrible shock, a horrible tragedy.“

The ambassador also says that millions upon millions of people are rooting for the victims, adding that the support from Germany is heart-warming.

[Philip Murphy, U.S. Ambassador to Germany]:        
„I think we are still very much in the phase, first and foremost, of mourning the losses of the two gentlemen, the two brave guys, trying to get the other two guys back and stable and on their feet.“

Murphy says it would be a mistake to jump to any conclusions as to why this happened.

[Philip Murphy, U.S. Ambassador to Germany]:
„And also clearly, the investigation is going on at a very high level of intensity. I think we should wait and see, get through this period, learn more about what happened, why it happened and then we can figure out what implications will come from that.“

In the German city of Karlsruhe, a convoy of police cars believed to be carrying the suspect was seen leaving the premises of the country’s Federal court.

German media report the shooter could be part of a terrorist cell, raising the potential threat of more attacks on U.S. targets in Germany.

Foto: NTD
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