Warm Hearts Help Beijing Petitioners Survive a Harsh Winter

Epoch Times9. Januar 2010 Aktualisiert: 9. Januar 2010 23:48

Every year, thousands of petitioners from all over China go to Beijing as a last resort to have their legal disputes resolved.

But once they get there, they have little or no financial support. Many are forced to live in makeshift shelters on the street, or under bridges. Now with Beijing’s temperature plummeting to record-breaking lows, it’s even tougher to survive.

Beijing petitioner Li Lirong says they don’t have enough support.

[Li Lirong, Beijing Petitioner]:
“These things should be done by the government. Those people have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Some have to pick up leftover food, others go around the streets to beg for food.”

Since Christmas last year, these petitioners have been giving out food and sweets to fellow petitioners, bringing a smile to their faces.

[Zhao Cunhong, Petitioner from Hebei Province]:
“Life for us petitioners is very bitter. We’ve forgotten what sweetness is all about. After eating the candies, the petitioners were happy. We wanted to offer our love through this activity.”

But it’s been a struggle even for those wanting to help. Petitioner Zhao Cun-hong from Hebei province says Beijing city patrol officers have been trying to take away their belongings to drive them out of town.

[Zhao Cunhong, Petitioner from Hebei Province]:
“When the city patrol tries to take their things, the petitioners say to them, ‘if you take it, we cannot survive, and we will die in a suicide pact to protest.’ So the city patrol officers left their belongings alone.”

Last year, a donation drive was started by Liu Anjun. They began collecting blankets and clothing to help these petitioners get through the tough winter.

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