EUROPINION — Soccer World Cup Kick-Off

Epoch Times11. Juni 2010 Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2010 11:42

“Probably Germany or, well, Brazil, Italy, but I would like South Africa to win.”

“I think Brazil or the French, because they have really performed well, also in the qualifications. I think one of the two.”

“I think that South Africa and also Nigeria have good chances to advance as far as the quarterfinals.”

“Brazil. Why? Because Brazil is the best team technically and also has the best players.”

“Of course I’m for Germany. They are a good team, I believe they will win. But also Italy, they are good as well.”

“Soccer brings people together. It’s fun, it’s a nice sport. It connects the whole world, and it’s a joy to watch. So I really like it.”

“One two three: viva Algeria!”

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