Über Abbildungen Mohammeds zum Schutz der freien Meinungsäußerung

Eine kürzlich erschienene Episode des satirischen Cartoons South Park zeichnete den Propheten Mohammed in einem Bärenkostüm und verstieß so gegen das islamische Verbot der Darstellungen von ihm.... Mehr»

Russia in Grief After Metro Suicide Bomb Attacks

The Moscow city morgue — a day after two suicide bombs ripped through packed metro carriages during morning rush hour. Victims‘ families come to identify the bodies of relatives. One man... Mehr»

Basque Separatist Accused of Killing French Policeman

A French police officer is dead after a shootout between police and suspected Basque separatists near Paris Tuesday night. The 52 year-old officer was gunned down when his patrol stopped … Mehr»

New Delhi Painting Exhibition Marks Anniversary of Mumbai Attacks

The artists in this anniversary exhibition dealt with various themes on the Mumbai terrorist strikes to the India Gate, a war memorial in the heart of New Delhi. [Seema Kohli, … Mehr»

Bomb Explodes Outside Athens Stock Exchange

A powerful bomb exploded outside the stock exchange in Athens. One person was injured from the blast. This is the aftermath of a powerful car bomb which blew up outside … Mehr»