China: Falun Gong Practitioners Mark 11 Years of Persecution

Brussels, Belgium: Practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual movement came from all over Europe to gather here on Saturday. They’re seeking to raise public awareness of the Chinese Communist... Mehr»

Hong Kong Police Arrest 13 and Block Tiananmen Square Massacre Memorial

Democracy activist Richard Tsoi shouted “protesting political oppression” as he was carried away by Hong Kong police on Saturday. Tsoi is one of 13 people arrested at a demonstration commemorating... Mehr»

Beijing: Lawyers Defending Falun Gong Facing License Revocation

Chinese lawyers Tang Jitian and Liu Wei are waiting to find out whether they’ll be banned from practicing law for life. On Thursday, the two human rights lawyers faced a … Mehr»

Aufrüttelnde Rede vor dem UN Menschenrechtsrat durch chinesische Delegation gestört

Geplant war nur eine kurze Rede auf der 13. Sitzung des UN Menschenrechtsrates. Jedoch wurde daraus mehr als eine ganze Stunde. Der Sprecher war Shizong Chen – ein Repräsentant der … Mehr»