Parents of Toxic Milk Victimcs Arrested After Commemorative Event

Beijing police have arrested parents of babies sickened by poisonous melamine milk last year. They were attending an event on September 11 to mark the first anniversary of the toxic … Mehr»

Hong Kong Journalists Protest Beatings in Xinjiang

The beating of three Hong Kong journalists by riot police in China’s Xinjiang region has spurred outrage among media back in Hong Kong. Hundreds of journalists marched from the Western … Mehr»

Three Uighurs Sentenced After Syringe Attacks

Speaking of the syringe attacks in western China…three Uighurs from Xinjiang have been convicted and sentenced in a Chinese court. A 22-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man were jailed for … Mehr»

Drought Plagues Southern China

Severe drought continues to affect over a million people in southern China. According to China’s state-run television, more than 70 cities and counties in the province of Guangxi are experiencing... Mehr»

Grausames im Gefolge von Schönheit

Nacht der Offenen Kirchen mit der Eröffnung einer "Internationalen Kunstausstellung: Wahrhaftigkeit, Barmherzigkeit, Nachsicht" Mehr»

China-Delegation: Abtritt beim Auftritt von Dissidenten

China-Delegation verlässt bei Rede von Dai Qing und Bei Ling geschlossen den Saal Mehr»

Andere Wirklichkeit

Dieser Text des chinesischen Exil-Dichters Bei Ling hätte am Donnerstag, den 10. September, im Newsletter der Frankfurter Buchmesse erscheinen sollen. So lautete zumindest das Versprechen an den in... Mehr»

Beijing Clamps Down on Petitioners Ahead of Oct. 1 Celebrations

A group of armed police patrols a railway station in Zhejiang Province. This is just a fraction of the strict security arrangements that have been set up around China. Authorities … Mehr»

China: Amateur Inventor Creates Home-Made Submarine

A reservoir might be a playground for some, but for Tao Xiangli, it’s where he tests his home-made submarine. Tao, who didn’t finish primary school, spent two years building an … Mehr»

Chinas missliebiger Dichter und Verleger Bei Ling in Frankfurt gelandet

Von Zensurbehörde unerwünschter Autor kommt nun doch zu Symposium der Frankfurter Buchmesse Mehr»

„Falls sie mein Gesicht sehen sollten, dann verlassen sie den Raum“

Chinesische Zensurbehörde und regimetreue Autoren machen Einfluss bei Frankfurter Buchmesse geltend: Autor Bei Ling von Symposium am Samstag ausgeladen Mehr»

Chinese Regime Sends Secret Order to Collect Netizen Data

The New York Times reported September 5th that the Chinese regime had given a secret order to all news websites in China in late July. It requires users to log … Mehr»

Deadly China Mine Blast in Henan Province

A gas explosion at a coal mine in China’s central Henan Province early on Tuesday killed 35 people. Forty-four are still missing. Another 14 workers escaped the mine blast at … Mehr»

Greensboro Mayor Praises Shen Yun

Shen Yun received excellent responses from the audience in Greenboro, North Carolina. Among them, Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson. [Yvonne Johnson, Greensboro Mayor]: “I’m now a groupie, I guess.... Mehr»

Riots Quiet Down After Party Officials Sacked in Xinjiang

Riots in China’s Xinjiang region have died down in recent days after two high-ranking Communist Party officials were fired. But some locals are still living in fear. A spate of … Mehr»

Grenze zwischen China und Burma nach Unruhen in Kokang wieder geöffnet

Laut Angaben chinesischer Funktionäre wurde die Hauptgrenze zwischen China und Burma am Sonntag wieder geöffnet. Damit wurde es Tausenden von burmesischen Flüchtlingen ermöglicht, nach Hause... Mehr»

Chemical Explosion in Shandong, China

All that’s left after a chemical fire in a factory in Linyi, in China’s Shandong Province. At least 18 people died when lacquer-curing chemicals exploded while being unloaded from a... Mehr»

China: Witness to Petitioner’s Rape Detained in Beijing

Chinese human rights activist Liu Dejun confirmed with Voice of America that petitioner Peng Guangfa (彭光发) has been abducted by Anhui officials stationed in Beijing. Liu says Peng is being... Mehr»

Deadly Floods Hit China

Stranded drivers wait to be rescued after days of torrential rain. Hundreds of thousands of people across China’s southwestern and central provinces are facing chaos as whole towns are flooded.... Mehr»

Uiguren-Sprecherin: „Shen Yuns Darstellung kam der Realität so nahe“

Die in den USA im Exil lebende Sprecherin des Weltkongresses der Uiguren, Rebiya Kadeer, hat ihren einmaligen Erfahrungsschatz genutzt, um eine Aufführung der New Yorker Künstlergruppe Shen Yun... Mehr»
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