New Electric Car from Munich Set to Impress Frankfurt Auto Show

This man’s not a professional driver. He’s a scientist, testing a prototype that could be the next big thing in electric cars. It’s called the Mute, M-U-T-E. The concept came... Mehr»

Electric Car Battery’s Record Range of 280 Miles Per Charge

A German company say their new battery could be the breakthrough electric car-makers have been waiting for. The battery should power a normal family car for up to 450km or … Mehr»

Autohersteller hoffen, den chinesischen Elektroauto-Markt anzapfen zu können

Die chinesischen Autohersteller Chery und BYD wollen sich im Markt für „grüne Fahrzeuge“ etablieren. Vom chinesischen „Elektro-Auto“-Markt wird gesagt, er habe hohes Potential. Aber lokale... Mehr»

Nissan Puts Governments in Eco-Driver Seat

For Nissan and electric vehicle chief Eiji Makino, green technology is more than a zero sum game. With prohibitive development costs and massive global infrastructure needs, the Japanese automaker and... Mehr»

Nissan Unveils Electric Land Glider

Japan’s No.3, Nissan Motor says the future is electric with possibilities– literally. Nissan estimates 10 percent of all cars by 2020 will be electric vehicles and is among the most... Mehr»
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