53 Verdachtsfälle? – US-Studie bestätigte bereits Schlafkrankheit nach Schweinegrippe-Impfung

Bundesweit gibt es 53 registrierte Verdachtsfälle von Schlafkrankheit in Folge einer Schweinegrippe-Impfung. Dies bestätigte das Bundesgesundheitsministerium nach einer Kleinen Anfrage durch die... Mehr»

Doubts over H1N1 Death Toll in China

At a press briefing on Tuesday, the head of China’s Ministry of Health Emergency Response Department, Liang Wannian was questioned about the accuracy of the H1N1 flu death toll. According … Mehr»

Italy: Hi-tech Holy Water Controls H1N1

Religion has been given a hi-tech makeover in northern Italy. Fear of swine flu has prompted this church to install an electric holy water dispenser. Church water fonts traditionally have … Mehr»

China’s H1N1 Flu Cases Double in Recent Weeks

The spread of H1N1 flu virus has prompted many schools in China to temporarily shut down. Students are being kept at the schools, and those with flu symptoms have been … Mehr»

China: 16 Heilongjiang Schools Closed Due to H1N1

An outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus has caused 16 schools to close in the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang. Health authorities there say with the arrival of fall and … Mehr»