Dalai Lama Plans to Step Down as Tibetan Political Leader

On Thursday, the Dalai Lama announced he plans to formally step down as a political leader. The move is seen as modernizing the Tibetan government-in-exile in the face of Chinese … Mehr»

Chinese Regime Begins Two Meetings amid Reform Calls

The Chinese regime’s annual “Two Meetings” comes amid growing challenges to the ruling Communist Party this year. The regime has shown it will not accept any opposition to its rule. … Mehr»

German Defense Minister Resigns Over Plagiarism Row

German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, resigns from all his political offices on Tuesday. He was stripped of his doctorate after admitting last week his... Mehr»

Tunisians Migrate to Italy in Droves

Tunisians are escaping in boats to Italy and are seeking asylum as political refugees. This has caused a problem for the EU of how to deal with all the refugees. … Mehr»

Chinese Regime Downplays News of Egyptian Revolution

The world watched as Egyptians celebrated the fall of former president Hosni Mubarak after his 30-year dictatorship. Their joy was shared by many around the world. But in China, the … Mehr»

Chinese Vice-Premier Finishes UK Trade Visit

Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang wrapped up a trade visit to the UK last week. Last Tuesday, Foreign Secretary William Hague met with the Vice-Premier before attending a banquet together at … Mehr»

China testet Tarnkappenbomber während Besuch von US-Verteidigungsminister

Dieses Video erschien auf inoffiziellen chinesischen Webseiten am Dienstag. Es scheint einen ersten Testflug zu zeigen, des chinesischen J-20 Stealth Fighter. Ein solches Tarnkappenflugzeug könnte... Mehr»

Demonstranten fordern Freilassung von Nobelpreisgewinner Liu Xiaobo

Etwa eintausend Unterstützer des inhaftierten Menschenrechtsaktivisten und Nobelpreisträgers Liu Xiaobo versammelten sich in Hongkong am Montag vergangener Woche. Sie verlangten vom chinesischen... Mehr»

Chinas Regime zensiert Aufruf zur Meinungsfreiheit

Ehemalige Funktionäre veröffentlichten einen Brief mit der Aufforderung zur Meinungsfreiheit in China Mehr»

Doubts over Wen Jiabao’s Political Reform Talk

During an interview with CNN that aired on Sunday night, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao raised the need for political reform in China, saying (quote) “the people’s wishes and need for … Mehr»

China: Zweifel am Aufruf nach Reformen

Am Montag versprach Chinas Staatsoberhaupt Hu Jintao bei einer Rede in der südlichen Stadt Shenzhen politische Reformen. [Hu Jintao, Chinesisches Staatsoberhaupt]: „Wir müssen eine sozialistische... Mehr»

New „Tough“ Smoking Ban in China

Chinese authorities in Guangzhou are banning smoking in some public areas. It’s in preparation for the upcoming Asian Games in November. Doubts are already surfacing about the ban, called the... Mehr»

Doubts over Chinese Leader’s Call for Political Reform

Chinese head of State Hu Jintao spoke in the southern city of Shenzhen on Monday, promising political reforms. [Hu Jintao, Chinese Head of State]: „We need to expand socialist democracy … Mehr»

„Mao’s Last Dancer“ Shares His Life in Upcoming Film

Li Cunxin was just 11 years old when he was handpicked to train at Madame Mao’s Beijing Dance Academy. While his family had been living under Mao Zedong’s regime in … Mehr»

Tibet: Menschrechtsbericht zeigt illegale Handlungen des chinesisches Regimes

Chinesische Sicherheitskräfte schossen wahllos auf Menschen. Verdächtige wurden willkürlich festgenommen, brutal misshandelt und gefoltert. Dies geschah während und nach den Unruhen in Tibet im... Mehr»

U.S. Says Russian Spy Arrests No Surprise

A senior U.S. official said on Tuesday that the recent uncovering of an alleged Russian spy ring will not undermine a U.S. push to reset ties with Moscow. [Phillip Gordon, … Mehr»

Earthquake-Stricken Tibetans Protest Land Grabs

In May, the Chinese regime’s State Council said they would rebuild homes of Tibetans affected by the Yushu earthquake, state-media Xinhua reported. But for the past month, locals have been … Mehr»

Polish Government under Pressure over Floods

As Poland faces its worst flooding in more than a century, the upcoming presidential election is the last thing on people’s minds. Around 42,000 people have been affected, and more … Mehr»

Hong Kong Opposition to Block Beijing-Backed Reform Package

In two weeks, Hong Kong’s legislative council will decide whether to pass a key reform package. It’s supposed to be part of a plan to move towards democracy in the … Mehr»

German President Shock Resignation

German President Horst Koehler unexpectedly resigned on Monday after comments he made about military action abroad met with heavy criticism. The resignation may cause yet more problems for... Mehr»