Norwegian Composer Revives Love for the Classics

[Axel Kolstadt, Composer and Pianist]: „I was a sportsman. My father was the coach of the national basketball team. I was playing the piano and basketball until I was 17... Mehr»

Ukraine Celebrates 19 Years of Independence

[Viktor Yanukovich, President of Ukraine]: „I will not allow Ukraine to abandon the path of democratic reform, the path of reforms of the economy and resolute struggle... Mehr»

Cafe Attack in Russia’s North Caucasus

A bomb attack in a cafe in Russia’s North Caucasus kills an unknown number of people just hours after a suicide bomber killed a policeman in a nearby region. State … Mehr»

Russia: Grain Export Ban Comes Into Force

Russia’s worst heat wave has stoked wildfires and parched crops leading to a grain export ban.  It’s sending prices of wheat to two-year highs and prompting the World Bank to... Mehr»

Wildfires Ravage Russia

Wildfires that have killed at least 40 people continue to rage through central and southern Russia. Russia declared a state of emergency in seven provinces from blazes stoked by... Mehr»

U.S. Says Russian Spy Arrests No Surprise

A senior U.S. official said on Tuesday that the recent uncovering of an alleged Russian spy ring will not undermine a U.S. push to reset ties with Moscow. [Phillip Gordon, … Mehr»

Katyn Massacre Documents Made Public in Russia

Russia has made public for the first time documents about the Katyn Massacre, the 1940 execution of 22,000 Polish officers by the Soviet secret police. The documents include an... Mehr»

Russland: Dokumente über das Katyn-Massaker in Russland veröffentlicht

Russland hat zum ersten Mal Dokumente über das Katyn-Massaker 1940 veröffentlicht. Damals wurden 22.000 polnische Offiziere durch die sowjetische Geheimpolizei exekutiert. Die... Mehr»

Russia in Grief After Metro Suicide Bomb Attacks

The Moscow city morgue — a day after two suicide bombs ripped through packed metro carriages during morning rush hour. Victims‘ families come to identify the bodies of... Mehr»

St. Petersburg: Musical Therapy for Children

Today, young patients at the orthopedic hospital near St. Petersburg receive remedy from music rather than pills. The string band “Yakut Virtuosos” show them the real mastery... Mehr»

Saint Petersburg: Tradition of Buddhist Art Still Alive

Art which has been hidden in a Buddhist temple in Nepal for ages is presented today by Lok Chitrakar, an artist from Katmandu. 110 canvases of ritual art and more … Mehr»

Russian Scientists Invent Pedal-Powered Submarine

Russian engineers have overcome seeming mathematical impossibilities and devised a submarine that glides through the water on pedal-power. The Blue Space is the first man-powered... Mehr»

Hands-on Science Exhibition a Hit in Russia

The „Behind Mirrors“ exhibition presents 40 interactive installations. Here, visitors can explore the laws of physics hands-on. For example, in this exhibit, one learns... Mehr»

Ukrainian Musicians Win Russia’s Balalaika Festival

The Russian folk string instrument balalaika is still very much in demand. So say the participants of a Moscow festival called „Balalaika is the Soul of Russia“. You... Mehr»

Russia Mourns Nightclub Blaze Victims

Shocked residents in the Russian city of Perm have been laying floral tributes at the scene of Friday’s nightclub blaze that’s claimed at least 110 lives. Flags fly at... Mehr»

Die seltenste Großkatze der Welt hat Nachwuchs

Weit weg im äußersten Osten Russlands gibt es einen Grenzfluss zu China und Nord-Korea, den Amur. Dort gibt es die letzten ihrer Art – die Amur-Leoparden. Obwohl die... Mehr»

British Foreign Secretary Meets Gorbachev

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband is on a two-day trip in Moscow. On November 2, he met with former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the editorial staff of the... Mehr»

Russian President Honors Victims of Communist Persecution

In Russia, Memorial Day for the victims of political persecution under the communist regime was commemorated last week, and President Dmitry Medvedev sent a clear message through... Mehr»

„When Evil Is Hidden, It Flourishes“

They came from different cities. They have different jobs, different backgrounds, different ethnicities. But they all share one thing in common: They are practitioners of Falun... Mehr»

Court Orders New Probe into Politkovskaya’s Murder

Russia’s Supreme Court agrees to send back Anna Politkovskaya’s case to the prosecutors for a new probe into her murder. The order from the court was in response to an … Mehr»