Bestellkatalog der NSA: Was brauchen Sie für Spionage-Technik?

Über den Bestellkatalog der NSA ist es allgemein möglich, Technologien und entsprechende Patente zur Spionage zu erwerben. Ganz normal, so wie Schuhe gekauft werden.

Der Katalog (1) umfasst 100 Seiten mit 69 Patenten zur Kryptografie, Ortung, Übersetzungssoftware, Identifikation von Themen in Texten, Trennung von Hand- und Computerschrift … Sicherlich umfasst das nicht alle Patente, die dort vorhanden sind und es ist nur die Technik, die sie anderen nun anbietet.

Jede Lizenz wird individuell verhandelt und die Lizenzen können sich je nach Technologie, weiterführende Entwicklung, Exklusivität der Lizenz oder auch Marktgröße unterscheiden. Es ist möglich, exklusive, teilweise exklusive oder auch nichtexklusive Lizenzen zu erwerben. Auch nach Lizenzdauer und der Organisation bzw. dem Unternehmen, was es erwerben will, wird unterschieden.

Es ist empfehlenswert, vor einem Download des Pdf klar vor Augen zu haben, dass das die NSA ist und sie damit auf Ihrem Rechner Platz nimmt. (ks)


(Seite / Inhalt)
"09 Acoustics
10 Real-Time Simultaneous Identification of Multiple Voices
10 Measuring Degree of Enhancement to a Voice Signal
11 Comparing Voice Signals
11 Identifying Digital Audio Signal Format
12 Auto Detection of Duplicate Audio & Voice Recordings
12 Detecting Voice Activity
13 Advanced Mathematics
14 Collision Free Hashing for Near Match Inputs
14 Code Generation That Minimizes Error Propagation
15 Cryptographic Key Exchange Using Efficient Elliptic Curve
15 Method & System for Non-Linear State-Based Satisfiability
15 Cryptographic Identification and Digital Signature using
16 Elliptic Curve
16 Testing a Randomizer
17 Passing a Cryptographic Key and Allowing Third Party
Access to the Key
17 Cryptographic Method Using Modified Fractional Fourier
17 Transform Kernel
18 Multi-Dimensionally Accentuating a Deviation in Information
and Identifying its Cause
19 Lattice Quantization
19 Displaying 3D Networks in 2D without False Crossings
20 Communications
21 Locating a Transmitter
21 Proxy/Intermediary Detection
22 Wideband Retroreflector
22 Impedance Matching RF Open Wire Transmission Lines
23 Time Sychronization Without Broadcasting a
Sychronization Signal
23 Correcting Errors in Formatted Modem Transmissions
24 Computer Technology
25 Converting Computer Program with Loops to One
without Loops
25 Protecting a Computer Stack
26 Information Processing
27 Linear Interpolative Coding
28 Multimedia Instructional Design System /
Digital Transcription System (ScribeZoneTM)
29 Assessing Language Translation and Interpretation
29 Identifying Connected Data in Relational Databases
30 Identifying Topic of Text Using Nouns
30 Database Searching and Identifying Text (ALADDIN)
31 Sorting Text and String Searching
32 Modeling Single-Class Data from Multi-Class Data
32 Morphological Text Processing
33 Automated Separation of Hand-Written and
33 Machine-Printed Images
33 Summarizing Text by Sentence Extraction
34 Self-Referential Text Summarization (KODA)
34 Printing Portion of Document with Accountability and Error
35 Data Relationship and Visualization Tool (RENOIR)
37 Finding Large Numbers of Keywords in Continuous Text
37 Full-Text, Large-Dictionary String Matching using N-Gram
38 Identifying Data Type and Location in a File
38 Automatically Generating Topic Description for Text
39 Searching an On-Line Dictionary Using Syllables
40 Language-Independent Method of Generating
Index Terms
41 Microelectronics
42 Fabricating a Flexible Organic Integrated Circuit
42 Fabricating and Integrating Decoupling Capacitors
43 Fixture for High-Resolution Imaging of Magnetic Media
43 Reverse Engineering Integrated Circuits
44 Surface Preparation and Imaging for Integrated Circuits
45 Forward Scattered Electron Image (FSEI) Sample Holder
45 Timer Circuit Utilizing Thermal Effect
46 Recovering a Gate-Level Netlist from a Transistor-Level
47 Networking
48 MESH Network Routing (PULSE)
48 Making Element Appear in Shortest Network Path
by Minimal Decrements and Increments
49 Reliably Communicating via Computer Network
Establishing & Updating Master Node in Computer Network
50 Firewall for Processing a Connectionless Network Packet
50 Multiple Level Minimum Logic Network
51 Acknowledging Receipt of Data Packets
51 Geolocating Logical Network Addresses
52 Filter System for Information Network Traffic
53 Optics
54 Low-Loss Fiber Chip Alignment
54 Optical Clock Recovery Device Using Non-Linear
55 Optical Waveguides
56 Tension-Tuned Acousto-Optic Bandpass Filter
57 Chirped Fiber Acousto-Optic Bandpass Filter
57 Acousto-Optic Bandpass Filter
58 All-Fiber Optically-Controlled Optical Switch
59 Security
60 Image-Based User Authentication
60 Detecting SIM Card Removal and Reinsertion
61 USB and Data Port Protector
61 Reusable Tamper Evident Bag Closure
62 Reusable Tamper Indicating Tube
62 Tamper Evident Cargo Seal
63 Providing a Computer User with High-Level Priviledges
63 Assessing Security of an Information Access System
64 Accelerated Batch Digital Signature Verification
64 Authenticated Cryptography
65 Generating and Distributing Strong DES Keys
65 Tamper Protection for Locking Manhole Covers
66 Reusable Tamper Evident Bag
66 Reusable Tamper Indicating Security Device
67 Secure Virtual Machines (NetTop ® )
67 Self-Authenticating Cryptograph Apparatus
68 Shredder Residue Dispersion System
69 Method of Verification Using a Subset of Claimant’s
69 Port Protector Assembly for D-Sub Connectors"

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