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Greek Protest Turn Violent

Epoch Times29. Juni 2011 Aktualisiert: 29. Juni 2011 21:34

Protesters in Greece turn garbage bins into flaming battering rams.

Dozens of people, many in black hoods and wearing gas masks, clash with police in downtown Athens.

The violence broke out Tuesday as cash-strapped Greece prepares for another round of austerity measures.

In all thousands of people took to the streets.

They are protesting against a package of spending cuts, tax increases and privatizations designed to save the country from becoming the euro zone’s first default.

The protests, which paralyzed central Athens, started out peacefully.

But witnesses say some protesters attacked riot police near the country’s parliament building.

And officers responded with a volley of tear gas.

The country’s parliament is set to vote this week on the new austerity measures.

If the vote doesn’t pass, Greece could run out of money within weeks, and trigger a Europe-wide crisis.

Foto: NTD
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