Chinese Regime Orders Marxist Theory Training for Journalist

Epoch Times12. März 2010 Aktualisiert: 12. März 2010 23:39

The Chinese regime will introduce a new certification system for journalists requiring them to train in Marxist and communist theories, according to the South China Morning Post.

Deputy Director of the General Administration of Press and Publication, Li Dongdong, told state-run Xinhua news that aspiring journalists must learn “Communist Party discipline on news and propaganda.”

The role of the media in China has become a hot topic in recent days after the Governor of Hubei Province, Li Hongzhong angrily questioned a female reporter saying, “What kind of Communist Party mouthpiece are you?”

The state-run People’s Daily journalist had asked him about the case of a hotel worker who killed a communist official who tried to rape her.

Commentators say the Governor’s reaction reflects the expectation of communist officials that the media should only serve the purpose of the Chinese Communist Party.

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