World’s Biggest Solar Powered Boat Seta Sail from Monaco

Epoch Times30. September 2010 Aktualisiert: 30. September 2010 23:49

It anchors away for what is being heralded as the world’s largest solar powered boat.

A nearly 100-feet long and 50-feet wide ship named “Planet Solar” weighs 60 tons, and is decked with photovoltaic modules.  The vessel was launched in Monaco on Monday.

German entrepreneur Immo Stroeher and Swiss project founder, Raphael Domjan made their dream a reality.

They’re taking it on a record-breaking round-the-world trip to show that solar power is a viable source of energy for transport.

Special batteries on board allow the boat to sail for about three days without fresh solar power.

According to the German shipbuilders, the vessel should be able to reach speeds of up to 15 nautical miles per hour. The crew of six hope to make it around the world in 160 days, all of them fossil-fuel free.

The catamaran will stop in Miami, Cancun, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi.

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