China’s Floods Kill At Least 742 People, Heavy Rains Continue

Epoch Times27. Juli 2010 Aktualisiert: 27. Juli 2010 11:46

Heavy rains, flooding and disasters have killed at least 742 people and left hundreds more missing this year across much of China, state-run media reported on Monday.

Rains have affected nearly 36 million people and more than one million have been relocated.

Floods and landslides have killed dozens more people in recent days and forced the evacuation of another 12,000 people in western and central China.

In Jiange County of Sichuan Province, floodwaters washed through villages, submerging houses and streets.

In Shaanxi Province, heavy rains caused rivers to swell and damaged scores of buildings.

More than a hundred people have been killed and 167 people have been reported missing in the province in the past two weeks. Some 700,000 people had to be evacuated.

A stretch of the Hanjiang River at Hanzhong City reached its highest point so far this year.

Flooding on the Yangtze River at the Three Gorges Dam reached its highest water level since 1987 on Friday.

Experts warn the water level could rise even higher.

Although floods are common in China during the wet season, floods this year have been the worst in decades.

More rain has been forecast for regions in central and southwest China in the coming days.

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