London Peace Protesters Face Eviction

Epoch Times30. Juni 2010 Aktualisiert: 30. Juni 2010 23:42

On Tuesday, a London court granted London’s mayor the legal right to evict protesters from outside the Houses of Parliament. Peace activists have been camping at the “Democracy Village” for several months.

Authorities regard the tents and placards of Democracy Village as an eyesore.

But some tourists support the protesters.

Democracy Village left an impression on one tourist from China.

[Unidentified Chinese Tourist]:
„We are told that there is such a kind of democracy expressions here, but when I saw it, it really shocked me. Because it’s not happening in China.“

[Unidentified American Tourist]:
„I actually think it’s kind of cool, because I respect the fact that they are trying to voice their opinion and I think it’s a good thing that they are trying to get the word out for what they believe in.“

The High Court ordered the square to be cleared.

Some protesters began taking tents down immediately after the ruling. Others may decide to resist the eviction notice.

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