Ratko Mladic Extradited to The Hague

Epoch Times2. Juni 2011 Aktualisiert: 2. Juni 2011 23:35

The former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic was extradited to the Detention Unit of the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague on Tuesday evening.

Mladic will face trial for committing war crimes and genocide during the Bosnian War between 1992 and 1995.

Earlier that day the Serbian court rejected Mladic’s appeal against his extradition.

According to his advocate, Mladic was not mentally and physically healthy to stand trial.

Upon Mladic arrival there were a lot of media and some local people.

[Henk, Local]:

“He has a very bad past, there is a big chance that he will be punished. We do not have a death cell here, but he will never be free again anyway.”

Mladic’s trial is expected to begin this Friday.

NTD News, Holland

Foto: NTD
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