Presents with Love for Women’s Day 2011

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These high-profile Ukrainian men decided to make gifts for their loved ones to mark „International Women’s Day.“ All they need is a chrysanthemum, a sponge, and of course, warm thoughts of their loved ones.

[Oleg Sobchuk, „S.K.A.Y.“ Music Band]:
„I just realized how important it is to make a gift by hand. Just paying money is the easiest –and it’s all over, great! But if you do something with your own hands, it has a special energy and is more important.“

The husband of Eurovision Song Contest 2004 winner Ruslana Lyzhichko shares the secret of choosing a gift for his wife.

[Alexander Ksenofontov, Wife Won Eurovision Song Contest 2004]:
„It is necessary to give such gifts to your wife to make her became a child, so she will be as happy as a child. And when she sees and feels that this gift is made with great love, you’ll feel even happier than your wife.“

Olympic swimming champion Denis Silantyev says he usually guesses what his wife wants.

[Denis Silantyev, Olympic Swimming Champion]: (male, Russian)
„Everything is on the inner sensation. I think she would like this. For example, I’m alert to what she says, what she says most often, what she would like to have, on what draws her attention when walking in shops.“

Vitaly Borisyuk is the husband of actress Olga Sumskaya. He remembers his most original gift.

[Vitali Borisyuk]:
„It was a long time ago, just when our independent state was formed. And then there was a terrible shortage of champagne. And I gave a bottle of champagne on March 8 and a kiwi fruit. Nobody knew what it was or how to eat it. I did not know either. But it was so cute.“

And this year’s gift on March 8 will be cute, original, and unforgettable.

It’s said the most valued are those gifts where one’s soul is embedded and that’s made with one’s own hands.

NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Foto: NTD
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