Greek Taxi Drivers Go on Strike

Traffic along some of Athens‘ busiest roads is at a standstill. Greek taxi drivers are on strike in the capital, putting further pressure on an already struggling tourism industry. Visitors... Mehr»

China and Germany Ink Trade Deals

The stop was perhaps the highlight of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s three-country European trip. The results, in any case, were the most dramatic–about 15 billion dollars worth of trade... Mehr»

EU Delegation Visits Fasting Tibetans in New Delhi

Members of the Tibetan Youth Congress ended a hunger strike that went on for 25 days on Thursday. Activists of the Tibetan Youth Congress, or TYC, were fasting in New … Mehr»

Eurovision Contestants Tune Up in Kyiv’s Main Square

Eurovision contestants are arriving in Kyiv to perform and hopefully win the annual contest. They come from all across Europe. But here in Kyiv’s main square some contestants are giving … Mehr»

The Dalai Lama Tours Sweden

The Dalai Lama is now touring Sweden. And as usual, he’s doing it on a tight schedule. After speaking at seminars in Stockholm, he flew straight to Lund, where he … Mehr»

Deadly 80-Car Pile up in Germany

A deadly pile up in Germany. At least five people are dead and dozens injured after a massive pile up on the A19 highway near the Baltic Sea coast. Early … Mehr»

Pope Calls for Peace in Ivory Coast and Libya

Pope Benedict arrives at St. Peters Square in Vatican City. He greets the faithful. At his public appearance he calls for an end of violence in both Libya and Ivory … Mehr»

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Jolts EU Energy Ministers

Energy ministers, nuclear experts and representatives from energy companies met on Tuesday to discuss how to co-ordinate the European Union’s nuclear strategy. This comes in the wake of the... Mehr»

Tunisians Migrate to Italy in Droves

Tunisians are escaping in boats to Italy and are seeking asylum as political refugees. This has caused a problem for the EU of how to deal with all the refugees. … Mehr»

Europinion – What does love mean to you?

Interviewee 1 – “Valentines day should be every day not just on the fourteenth of February.  You don’t need to wait for the 14th of February to get a nice … Mehr»

European Parliament Members Attend Reception Welcoming Shen Yun to Europe

On the last day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, February 2, 2011, members of the European Parliament attended a special reception in Brussels to welcome Shen Yun Performing … Mehr»

Prague Hosts European Yo-Yo Championship

The world’s top yo-yo players were in Prague this week to participate in the third European Yo-Yo Championship. Although most people think of the yo-yo as just a childhood toy, … Mehr»

Social Media Can Affect Today’s Job Hunters

What you write on Facebook, Twitter or social blogs may jeopardize the job you apply for. Many of today’s companies and headhunters use social media to see if you are … Mehr»

Spains Enacts Anti-Smoking Laws

A new smoke-free look across Spain. On Sunday, the country adopted one of the European Union’s strictest anti-smoking laws. The new legislation prohibits smoking in bars, restaurants, and many... Mehr»

Rome: Parcel Bomb Intended for Greek Embassy

Bomb disposal experts have disarmed an explosive device sent to the Greek embassy in Rome. A police official said the device bore similarities to bombs that detonated last week injuring … Mehr»

Ukrainische Demonstranten fordern Werbeverbot für Zigaretten und Alkohol

Diese Demonstranten aus der Ukraine fordern: „Stoppt die Reklame für Bier, Tabak und Alkohol!“ Sie verlangen vom ukrainischen Parlament entsprechende Gesetze zu verabschieden. [Hanna Hopko,... Mehr»

„Stimmen von Straßburg“ in Russland

Diese Sänger brauchen keine Instrumente. Sie gehören zum Kammerchor „Voix de Strass“, den Stimmen von Straßburg. Und singen a cappella. Hier bei ihrem ersten Konzert in Russland. Sie sangen... Mehr»

Ireland Refuses Economic Bailout

It’s the medicine this country is reluctant to take. Ireland is struggling with a crippled banking sector and massive debts. But amid growing pressure to take a European Union or … Mehr»

EU-Beamte setzen chinesische Führung wegen unterbewertetem Yuan unter Druck

EU-Beamte und chinesische Behörden bleiben geteilter Meinung über den Wert des Yuan. Diskussionen am Rande des Asien-Europa-Treffens oder ASEM letzten Dienstag bestätigten die gespaltene Meinung.... Mehr»

Further Toxic Waste Spill Feared In Hungary

Crews and locals are cleaning up a toxic sludge leak that killed seven people in Hungary as the risk of a second spill looms. Red liquid waste flowed from the … Mehr»